Sami Interest Group

Sami Interest Group


Karen Sørenson, Tor and Laura Olufsen and several others are hoping to start a Sami interest group at our Community Centre for social, cultural, and educational purposes. Please join us. Membership is not limited to those of Sami heritage. Anyone may join who has an interest in Sami history, decorative arts, or current Sami political and environmental issues. There is much we can learn and much fun to have if we are together.   


People of Sami heritage traditionally herded reindeer in northern Norway, Sweden, Finland and Russia. According to Dr. Zita McRobbie (talking at our Leif Erikson Day, September 30, 2017), DNA studies suggest the Sami were already together as a people before the last Ice Age, far earlier than other Scandinavians became distinct. Their culture is famous for the ability of its people to survive for millennia in a harsh environment, for peaceful co-existence among subgroups, and for the beauty and deep meaning in its decorative arts. It is a culture well worth our interest and attention.  


Indigenous Canadians, especially those in our own far North have faced prejudice, environmental issues, and encroachment on their traditional lands and way of life. It has been the similar for the Sami. Both peoples continue to search for the best place for themselves in modern culture while keeping the traditions of their heritage. We will talk about this, too, and see how we can work together.


Let us know if you are interested and help us form a Sami group around our Centre.

Contact Carolyn Thauberger 778 228-2334 or