Nordic Spirit Festival 2017, 8 – 9 April, 2017

Scandinavian Communities in British Columbia

8 - 9 April, 2017

At the Scandinavian Community Centre, 6540 Thomas Street, Burnaby, BC

This will be our tenth historic photo event featuring heritage images and information, unique collections  gathered entirely from our local Scandinavian Centre community. The focus this year will be "Scandinavian Communities in British Columbia" Scandinavian immigrants often gathered in small settlements where they could work, socialize, and help each other in their new home. These communities are fascinating. Sointula, a Finnish "utopian" community on Malcolm Island off the British Columbia coast, is one well-known example. Among other less-known settlements, the exhibit will feature Matsqui Village, now part of Abbotsford. This Swedish/Norwegian community has recently been researched by archaeologist and historian Christina Reid from the MSA Museum in Abbotsford. Previous Nordic Spirit heritage image shows may still be seen. Several are either purchased or loaned to Scandinavian rest homes such as Icelandic Höfn or the new Swedish Canadian Rest Home where they hang in the halls. Others are in storage. Individual images from previous exhibits are rotated in the Scandinavian  Centre's upper foyer and are available for various events. You may  purchase prints of unframed panels from most past shows. For information, contact Poul Erik Rasmussen: Previous Nordic Spirit exhibits featured:
  1. Icelandic immigrants (2007)
  2. Finnish immigrants (2008)
  3. Danish immigrants (2009)
  4. Swedish immigrants (2010)
  5. Norwegian immigrants (2011)
  6. "The Lives They Left Behind" (2012, featuring memories of "home")
  7. "To Canada with Hope" (2013, featuring Scandinavian immigrants to other parts of Canada)
  8. "The Home Front" (2014, featuring memories of Scandinavian immigrants' home life during World War II)
  9. "1986 Scandinavian Festival" (2015, in honour of the Scandinavian Cultural Society's 30th Anniversary)